Key Differences Among Various Methods of Carpet Cleaning
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When it comes to carpet cleaning, there are countless options on the market. Each company offers its own unique method of cleaning. Some of these methods include carpet shampooing, steam cleaning, Hot Carbonating Extraction, Bonnet Cleaning, and even dry carpet cleaning. When considering these options, you’ll assuredly want the healthiest, longest-lasting carpet cleaning method on the market. Find the pros and cons of each method below. Feel free to reach out to Premier Chem-Dry to learn more!

1. Hot Carbonating Extraction

This method of carpet cleaning is only offered by Chem-Dry franchises. Instead of soaking carpets with water, HCE uses million of microscopic bubbles that reach deep into the fibers of the carpet and explode the dirt within. Using our powerful extraction equipment, dirt and grime are wiped away. Additionally, your carpets will be dry in hours, not days. This also lessens the chance that mold or mildew show up in your carpet. With no sticky residue, no soaps or detergents, and low water quantity, Hot Carbonating Extraction is a fantastic option for your home!

2. Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaners apply very hot water using a high-pressure applicator. This works to break down dirt, grime, and bacteria. It is efficient in removing mud stains and neutralizing allergens. Yet, due to high quantity of water used, it can be very difficult to remove the moisture from your carpets. It can take hours or even days of downtime to dry, meaning mold and/or mildew could develop within your carpets.

3. Carpet Shampooing

Carpet shampooing is similar to shampooing one’s own hair. Like cleaning your hair, shampooing your carpets separates dirt from the carpet’s fibers. The machine then sucks the dirt back up into the machine. It is also efficient in removing pet hairs in your carpet. Unfortunately, carpet shampooing differs from washing your hair in the sense that there is no rinse cycle. It’s as if you left the shower with a bit of shampoo remaining in your hair. Over time, shampoo molecules may build up and create a unpleasant smell, moisture, and a dingy look.

4. Bonnet Cleaning

The method of Bonnet Cleaning is a quick way to clean dirty carpets. It uses an intense machine with a motorized spinning pad covered in cleaning solution. It works quite well to clean lightly dirtied carpets and does not require much time to dry. Yet, bonneting lacks a deep clean which means that there will be some dirt left behind after the clean.

5. Dry Carpet Cleaning

There is no water used in dry carpet cleaning, just as the name suggests. Carpets are instead cleaned with a powder applied by a motorized brush on a machine. Since there isn’t any water applied, the dry time is essentially eliminated. Unfortunately, because this method of cleaning is newer to the market, there isn’t much research to back it up. Some professionals doubt the effectiveness of dry carpet cleaning.

Premier Chem-Dry offers carpet cleaning using the Hot Carbonating Extraction method. Your carpets will dry in hours, not days, and all dirt will be removed! Click here to book an appointment today!